This is the Medellín official Guide by Víztaz and the Medellín Mayor's Office

Medellín, a city for shopping

Shopping in Medellín is made easy thanks to the variety of venues, tendencies, quality, price, flexible hours, and service. Besides the traditional trade and craft fairs, Medellín boasts more than 25 shopping malls which due to their architecture and design are attractions in their own right.

Directory of Shopping Malls


Entre la avenida Ferrocarril y la calle Colombia Cerca a la estación Cisneros del Metroplús
57(4) 293-3365 // 314 6206359

The World Fashion Center stands out as the first open-air shopping center in Medellín. It holds more than 110 companies, 40 stores, and 350 brand names. For positioning, Cedemoda has devised strategies such as event launchings, auctions, and the yearly ‘Fashion for the World’ pageant that brings together designers, manufacturers, and buyers.

Vía Primavera

Carrera 37 con Calle 8, 9 y 10, entre el barrio Lleras y Provenza
310 4596775 //

Famous for its concept on fashion, creativity, design, and culture. It brings together up-and-coming as well as famous designers specializing in clothing, accessories, footwear, and decoration in one of Medellín’s most sophisticated sectors. A tree-lined area where history, art, cuisine, and new ideas come together.

Avenida Jardín

Desde la circular 1.ª hasta la 4.ª con carrera 73, barrio Laureles
300 2791249 // www.avenidajardí

Independent designers with their own brands offering originality give identity to the area. A space designed to be leisurely strolled as you make your purchases. It is located within easy access of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and the good eateries of the Laureles neighborhood.


› Sector Avenida 33
Calle 37 entre carreras 46 y 50
› Sector Avenida Guayabal
Carrera 52 con calle 29A y Centro Mercantil
› Sector Aeropuerto Olaya Herrera
Carrera 65 con calle 13

Well-known brand names and local manufacturers set aside part of their production to be sold at lower prices. This shopping alternative is offered at strategic locations in the city with availability of quality products and consistently low prices. Outlets offer children and adult’s clothing, footwear, and household items.