This is the Medellín official Guide by Víztaz and the Medellín Mayor's Office

El Poblado

El Poblado

And, in going to El Poblado you’ll feel Medellín’s eternal spring”, so says the chorus of a popular song that lists the many attractions the city has to offer. Today, arriving in El Poblado, after having walked down its beautiful avenue, will not only make you feel the ever present spring, it will let you corroborate an opinion many Colombian and foreign architects and planners hold in common: that the characteristics of this area make it one of the most beautiful urban conglomerates in the world.

Modern Medellín could not have left this privileged zone by the wayside. It too, as with many other sectors of the city, was chosen to have a new face lift. Thus, the Avenida El Poblado Urban Walkway was built on the so-called “Golden Mile”, where you can take a leisurely stroll while enjoying the area’s striking architecture and model urban planning, where build-ings housing shopping malls, business centers, and restaurants become works of art.

The Avenida El Poblado Urban Walkway, along with rejuvenated 10th Street and La Presidenta Creek Linear Park, with its practical pedestrian corridor, links the various sectors in the area. One, El Poblado’s main Square, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. It stands on the very spot where the first settlement in the Aburrá Valley was built and serves as backdrop for El Poblado San José Church, constructed where the first temple in the valley, San Lorenzo de Aburrá Church, once stood. Two, Lleras Square or Zona Rosa, two blocks east from El Poblado Square, a gathering place par excellence for young people, executives, and tourists. Three, La 10 (10th Street) a veritable showcase for business and fashion. Four, Via Primavera and Provenza featuring exclusive fashion boutiques offering the latest in fashion by renown Colombian and foreign designers. And five, The Street of Fine Dining where top quality exclusive restaurants abound.

Amble the pleasant walkway. See and feel the comfort of its modern and well-appointed bus stops. Feel the safety of its crosswalks and well-controlled traffic. Experience first hand the excitement of shopping, dining, entertaining, or doing business in modern, people-friendly facilities along the way. Walk amid abundant vegetation and greenery. Enjoy the many native species, including black olive, yellow acacia, and pink and yellow guayacan (Lignum Vitae) trees. Relax under their shade. Lose yourself in their various aromas and multiplicity of colors. Confirm our opening statement: “... in going to El Poblado, you’ll feel Medellín’s eternal spring”.